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Tiffany Nichol Anders

Tiffany Nichol Anders is a graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She received her degree in Culinary Arts and Sciences and Restaurant Management in October of 2002.  This prestigious school also awarded Tiffany with an additional degree in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts.  Tiffany graduated in the top of her class and was frequently recognized for her creativity and artistry with her required elements.  She is especially talented in pastry and dessert preparation and presentation.  

Tiffany was born in McAllen and graduated from McAllen High School in 1998.  She is the daughter of Joel and Anna Anders of McAllen.  After high school, Tiffany spent a brief period working in all aspects of the restaurant environment where she recognized her interests and potential talents.  After researching schools for the culinary arts, she applied and was accepted to Scottsdale Culinary Institute.  While in school, she worked in several high-end restaurants in and around the Scottsdale area in a number of capacities, always utilizing her newfound skills at every opportunity.

Tiffany did her internship at McAllen Country Club before meeting Chef Marcel and becoming a willing recipient of his guidance and expertise in the culinary arts.  She has been with Bistro M from its inception and her variety of delicacies can be enjoyed daily.  Even though her specialty remains Chocolate Decadence, she entices the taste buds with new taste sensations on a frequent basis. 

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